8 Tips for Dressing Your Dog Safely

8 Tips for Dressing Your Dog Safely

Why do Dogs LOVE Squeaky Toys!? Reading 8 Tips for Dressing Your Dog Safely 3 minutes

1. Comfort is key.
Avoid clothes that are too tight, that obstruct your dog’s vision, or just generally irritate him. The Pups Closet ALWAYS recommends measuring your pup before picking a new outfit. Every product we carry has a convenient sizing guide to make finding the perfect size easy!

2. Keep it simple.
A little bit goes a long way — especially in terms of dressing up your dog. Your dog will thank you for keeping things low-key. Too many pieces at once may get your pup a little warm especially if indoors or when a case of the zoomies hit.

3. Never leave your dog unattended.
It goes without saying that as a responsible dog owner, you’re constantly supervising your furry friend. But it’s important to note that they need some extra attention if you’re putting unfamiliar items on, especially if they could be pulled or chewed off.

4. Consider a test run.
Don’t assume that your pup will take kindly to a costume right off the bat. Especially if it’s his first time wearing something, you may want to try it out before the big day. Remember to have a lot of patience and give your dog positive reinforcement with some high-value treats.

5. Take the temperature into consideration.
If you’re dressing up your canine companion for some fun in the sun, it can definitely get hot. Regardless of how adorable something is, putting clothes on a dog when temperatures are high can be dangerous. Keep this in mind before you pick out a costume.

6. Don’t go overboard.
Your dog’s safety and comfort take precedent over your fashion sense. Choosing the correct size and type of clothing is key here. If your pup seems to not get along with hoods, try a sweater!

7. Keep photoshoots short.
Obviously, you want to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy shot, but remember that your dog isn’t a professional model and may get annoyed sitting for an extended period of time in a costume. Try to take pictures early on, then let him relax a little.

8. Safety

If your dog looks uncomfortable or if he’s in danger, ditch the costume. Your pup’s comfort is paramount. If he’s showing signs of disliking an outfit or if it’s restricting him in any way, it’s time to take it off.

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